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We also provide Click here for an iPIX PHOTO sample from the Pueblo Bonito pool in Mazatlan. or panoramic photography, using the latest Nikon equipment & software,
website design & virtual tours for anywhere in Mexico!
Please see the Fotos y Mapas Virtuales website for our portafolio, prices & more information.
Click here to see our equipment & photography info!

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M.O.M. is one of the most popular websites dedicated to Mexico, receiving between 2-4 million hits a month and constantly increasing!
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M.O.M. is #1 on most search engines & directories!
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M.O.M. is a 'web' of over 500 websites related to Mexico,
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Our sites were developed from the start using the top keyword search terms people are using for mexico, which are:
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The keyword "maps" is consistently in the top 10 most searched for words on the Internet today, followed by weather, pictures & travel.

18.3 million Americans visited Mexico last year, their #1 destination. More and more tourists are planning their vacations and what they do while on vacation, using information gained from the Internet prior to arriving. New statistics show more than 1/2 of all Americans are now online.

When searching for Mexico, the terms "map of mexico", "mexico map", "map mexico", "mexico weather" and "mexico picture" are consistently the most searched keywords. Our 500 websites provide accurate maps and weather along with the webs largest collection of iPIX & panoramic photographs.

We created Maps of Mexico almost a year ago to provide people with a site that gave them what they were searching for, a great collection of maps, pictures and weather info with the ideal of being in an unbiased, "Open Directory Project" style .......listing every single business in Mexico, from the smallest Taco stand to the biggest Corporation.

Our success was immedeate following our indexing on Yahoo! which drew over a million visitors in our first month online. The months following showed an increasing popularity, being listed in all of the top search engines where we currently hold #1 rankings on almost all of them, averaging between 2-4 million hits a month and counting.

We are working from city to city, our first interactive city being Mazatlan, followed in February 2002 by Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, Cabo san Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Todos Santos & La Paz to begin with. Our individual State Maps, each in 16 zoomable sections are the most detailed free online state maps of Mexico today.

Maps of Mexico uses the latest in Nikon digital cameras (CoolPix 995's) to capture images from across Mexico in both iPIX (Internet Pictures Corporation) format and in regular 360° Panoramic photography using PhotoVista software. We provide virtual tours of cities, hotels, restaurants, bars, real estate homes, etc. from all parts of Mexico. Most maps contained on this site & the website design are created by our team of Companies from around the world as listed below.

"M.O.M." as it is affectionally known, is owned and operated by Fotos y Mapas Virtuales, (S.A. de C.V.) in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Website design is done primarily from our offices across at Ave. Cruz Lizarraga #712 - 3 Col. Palos Prietos. We use 5+ 1GHz Windows XP based PC's & 4 high end Notebooks joined by a 16 port LAN to our own Compaq dual processor server, running on Mazatlan's only 2 MBps, 2 way broadband Satellite system provided by Hughes Network Systems.

We work primarily with software from Adobe (PhotoShop 6, Illustrator 10, GoLive 5, LiveMotion 1.0), AutoCAD 2000, CorelDraw 10, iPIX (Builder, Wizard & Real Estate) & Macromedia (Flash 5, Dreamweaver UltraDev, Freehand 9).

Fotos y Mapas Virtuales also operates under the name of Virtual Photos and Maps, (U.S.A.) Ltd. with an office across from Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, WA., where our map & guidebook warehousing, shipping, accounting and U.S. advertsing sales are based. Fotos y Mapas Virtuales operates it's own Dell Poweredge servers, located in the most advanced, high technology facility in Redondo Beach, California.

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please go to or or